There is a larger image of the original painting at the bottom of this page, so that you can enjoy more of this beautiful artwork. Lamentation and Giotto's other work in the interior of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy display clear Renaissance styles at a time when the art scene in Europe was still dominated by the Byzantine.

The mourning of Christ is a scene found on countless occassions in Renaissance art, from a time when religion was particularly involved in all sections of society. The bible tells followers of how Christ was mourned after being taken from the cross. This is an emotional scene where the son of god is discovered, perhaps one of the most powerful scenes to be in all religious scripture.

Powerful scenes would tempt artists from the Renaissance with their inspiring tales from religious teachings. Another significant factor was that the best paid commissions for artists at this time would often come from religious institutions too. It was virtually impossible to build a career at this time without covering such themes. Indeed, just to focus on Lamentation, this topic was covered by other famous artists such as Albrecht Durer, Peter Paul Rubens, Raphael, Rembrandt and Sandro Botticelli.

Lamentation in Detail (The Mourning of Christ) Giotto