The elevated position of the Madonna and Child symbolizes spiritual superiority; however, it is made real by the illustration of a throne that has steps going into it. The steps do not float in mid-air as in other portraits. The child, who depicts Christ, is the focus of the painting as he represents salvation for mankind.

The background of the painting is a gold leaf while the Madonna has a blue-green fabric with parts of yellow and red. The painting used on Madonna’s flesh is vermillion and green earth. The colours used in this painting are soft and classy which signifies classicism. There is also a restraint on the image with the child trying to reach for the flower in his mother’s hand. This shows realism as this action is what an ordinary child does. There is also individualism in the image which is depicted by the interaction of the mother and her child; this shows that the two are humans despite being religious figures. The values of Giotto’s renaissance are depicted in this painting.

The painting was done on a gesso ground white in colour where radiographs display a fabric interlayer in between the wooden panel and the gesso. The painting has some gilded areas that were prepared using a green earth film and red bole. The decorative border on the edges is adorned with patterns that are crafted by hand on the ground made of gold. The image outline is also crafted in the ground. The fleshy part of the portrait was made by the application of green under the paint which brought out the shadows very well; the paint used was made in thin liquid layers.

In conclusion, the Madonna and Child painting by Giotto is a piece of art that somehow changed the way people, more so Christians, perceive the Virgin Mary and her child Jesus. This drawing brought out a human aspect of the duo by depicting them as a human in addition to being religious figures. The paint used in this painting was also of high quality in comparison to Giotto’s previous works. This painting was quite different and had so many symbols that said more than what you can see. It was done with a high artistic level that made it outstanding The painting has such a huge impact such that it was duplicated in part by other painters thereafter; an example is the Madonna Enthroned that was done by Cimabue. All in all, Giotto was a prolific painter who brought out realism in his paintings.